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15 Adorably Cute Jungle Themed Crib Beddings

It is an exciting event for parents to get a new child. To express that excitement, they will get ready for the nursery and other things for their new family member. A nursery would always have a theme which also depends on the gender of the baby. One theme that fits both males and females is a jungle nursery. Aside from the decorations, the crib beddings would complete the look of a nursery and it is what will make your little bundle of joy feel comfortable while sleeping and playing. A jungle themed nursery is one of the favorite themes for parents because it features cute animals and lovely colors. Also, it is not really hard to create a jungle themed nursery since there are available decors from wall decals to crib beddings. So today, we will give you a list of some jungle-themed bedding for your little one’s bedroom....
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15 Endearing Table Lamps for Boy’s Bedroom

When decorating a bedroom for children it isn’t just the beddings or wall decors that matter but even the lighting in it. Providing lighting is of course important. The light serves many purposes from providing comfort in the dark to lighting up the pages of a bedtime story. You can always get ceiling lights, pendant lights and other kind of lighting but if we talk about a bedroom, a table lamp for the bedside table would be perfect. If it comes to your boy’s bedroom, you might worry that you can’t get a good lighting that would fit your boy’s bedroom theme. But you don’t have to because there are also numerous designs that are made for boys. We have gathered some table lamps for boys that would look perfect on the bedside table. Check them out! Kids On The Road Again Children’s Table Lamp Image: Lamps Plus A delightful...
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15 Geometric Cube Ottomans for A Modern Bedroom

Adding accent furniture to the bedroom is a good idea especially if you have more space in it and if you think you would need to add one. Ottomans are pretty accent furniture because they have stunning designs and prints which lend sophistication to a space. For the bedroom, it would be good as alternate seating. It will even look perfect as a vanity seat. What’s nice about ottomans is that they can also be used as side tables too and they look great as added decors in your bedroom. If a modern bedroom is your style or you are into having a geometric themed bedroom, then the cube ottomans that we have for you today is just perfect for that since we collated geometric cube ottomans. They vary from chevron prints to squar-ish or circular designs. It is fun to play with shapes and lines even on this cute...
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15 Creative and Chic Bedroom Table Lamps for Girls

Decorations come in different form and we have a long list of options if you are looking for something to adorn a bedroom. When decorating a bedroom for kids, it isn’t just fulfilling but also fun and enjoyable especially if your kid’s bedroom has an interesting theme. Like what we said, there are so many items that you can add to a bedroom which includes lighting. Lighting doesn’t just illuminate a space but it can actually be an added decoration just like what we are going to show you today. Bedroom table lamps are perfect for side tables in the bedroom but it would be better if you get those lamps that have creative designs so they can double as decorations. Lamp shades come in so many interesting designs but those designed for kids look even more creative! There are lamps with dolls, castles, shoes and many other themes. Make...
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15 Lovely Tiffany Bedroom Lamps

There are a lot of collectors out there who enjoys exploring the colors, patterns, textures and types of glass made from Tiffany glass. According to history, the name of the Tiffany lamps came from a man named Louis Comfort Tiffany. He was one of the foremost decorative artists of his time. His father was the co-founder of Tiffany and Company, the luxury retailer best known for fine silver and jewelry. At an early age Tiffany was exposed to superbly-designed and expertly-crafted objects d’art, undoubtedly stimulating his love and appreciation for exceptional objects and setting him on a self-proclaimed “quest of beauty.” Among the various decorative objects produced at Tiffany Studios, the factory manufactured an extensive range of lamp shades, mostly in floral and geometric motifs. More than 300 designs were available in the 1906 and 1913 Tiffany Studios catalogues, including Peony, Poppy, Daffodil, Dragonfly, Laburnum, Magnolia, Pond Lily, Poinsettia, Roman,...
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15 Beautiful and Classic Black Table Lamps

Black is one color that works with anything it is paired and matched with; just like white and grey, black goes with anything! Black is a classic color you can always play with. But first thing’s first, how do you enhance the beauty of your bedroom with illumination? Lamp shades! When choosing the perfect lamps for your interiors do you ever consider what type of lampshade will look best with the setting? We have a couple of tips to tell you about choosing the perfect table lamp, but we will be giving you at least five tips since we are basically showing off 15 Beautiful and Classic Black Table Lamps and not really giving tips about the “perfect” table lamp. First off, always choose a lamp shade that complements your bedroom or space in general – you don’t really design a room because of the lamp shade right? Second, determine...
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Inspiring Bedroom Wall Quote Decals

Getting some inspiration from quotes is one way to fuel our minds as we go through our everyday activities. Merely seeing an encouraging quote seems to brush our worries away and would make us look at the positive side instead of dwell on negativities. This could be one reason why quotes are favorite items to share online and in social media sites. But if you want to constantly see some words in your very home, then you can get a wall decal or wall sticker of quotes or maybe lines from your favorite song. Adding a quote wall decal to your bedroom will not just add to its decoration and appeal but will also give it a personal statement especially that the quotes are your own pick or could even be customized. Words or type may not be your first choice if we speak of wall decor but once you...
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15 Cool Blue and Green Duvet Sets

When you see the color blue, you think of cold water or maybe the tranquil sea. When you see green, you think of the refreshing air from the trees and grasses around you. When you combine both, you get a cool and refreshing aura. Amazing or not? Well, it is amazing how colors can actually affect our feelings and our ambiance. That is why, it is important that we pick the perfect colors for our bedrooms. Aside from the effect of colors in our bedroom’s aura, it can also make it look more visually appealing. Can you imagine how that aura and appeal could be achieved with the combination of blue and green? You are right. It looks totally cool and perfectly refreshing. You can feel that once you see the duvet sets we have below bearing these colors. Duvet sets when added to your bed can give you more...
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