There are those times when you probably think of how you can make your kids bedroom more functional; especially when you have kids who are already going to school and needs space not only for sleeping, but also for doing schoolwork. What if you do not actually have enough space to work with? Well, metal loft beds or bunk beds may just do the trick for you!

Loft or bunk beds can either be made from wooden materials or metals. We know that more people are interested in getting the ones made of metal because of the inherent strength of steel. It requires less material than a bed made from wood. For more access on the top bunk, adding a ladder is an essential, but what we will be showing you today are 15 Functional Metal Loft Bed with Desk; yes, they come with desks which will be very helpful not only for your convenience but also for the your kid or teenager who will be using it.

Abode Full Metal Loft Bed over Workstation Desk

Image: Abode for Walmart

Any teenage boy would love to have this bed because aside from having your own bed, you have your working space just below it.

Modern Full Loft Silver & Black Metal Bunk Bed with Desk Workstation

Image: GIF International Furniture Mart

Simple black and white bunk bed with an L-shaped desk for a bit more of working space for anyone who will be using this modern bunk bed.

Powell Bauble Girls Twin Size Study Loft Bed

Image: Powell Company

Here is one bunk bed which looks pretty feminine and fun for all the teenage girls we have at home. The colorful design will obviously be a favorite.

Black Bunk Bed

Image: NorCal Furniture

This bunk bed is a good one to keep at home – you have a bed, a seating for reading and a mini table with your computer to work with.

Bunks Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed with Desk

Image: Papaya Furniture

If you like your kids to be in one room, sharing bunk beds is not really an option. With this bed we have in this photo, two kids can actually share beds and still have a small area to work on their assignments and keep their books.

LeClair Metal Twin Loft Bed with Desk

Image: LeClair | FurnitureNYC

We like this bunk bed because of the long table we have below the bed. The classic black and white color is something we all love.

Modern Twin Loft Chrome and Dark Grey Metal Bunk Bed

Image: GIF International Furniture Mart

The legs of this bunk bed is really unique – it also is interesting and pretty much has a chair like feel. The chrome on this bed is actually nice to look at too. We’d like to have this at home.

Powell Teen Trends Full Size Metal Loft Bed with Desk

Image: Powell Company

Here is another bunk bed with an interesting legs in X forms. It’s colored black which makes it modern and a classic.

Siver Metal Contemporary Twin Loft Bed w/ Desk & Bookcase

Image: Furniture DEPOT

Unquestionably, this piece of furniture will add its own glamour to the house. The color is nice, the desk is made from veneer and having an additional storage space makes all the difference.

Powell Teen Trends Full Size Metal Loft Bed with Desk

Image: Powell Company

The Teen Trends collection also features a selection of matching furniture: student desk, chrome plated chair, 4-drawer chest, rolling cube bench, night stand, wall mirror, media console, multi-color lockers and more.

Teen Trends Study Loft Bed

Image: Powell Company

Maybe it’s just the print on the beddings, but this bunk bed can be bought any teenager. The color of the bed itself is neutral for anyone. It’s simple, it’s just pretty.

Modern Twin Loft Chrome and Dark Grey Metal Bunk Bed with Desk Workstation

Image: GIF International Furniture Mart

This is a simple bunk bed with an L-shaped desk which comes with a cork board too!

Loft Bed Metal Workstation Grey

Image: Coaster

With a casual contemporary look and functional designs, this metal workstation full loft bed will make a practical addition to your child’s bedroom.

Silver Screen Twin Loft Bed with Desk

Image: Silver Screen for Walmart

The Silver Screen Twin Loft Bed will be a functional and stylish addition to your kid’s room. It gives your child a comfortable and fun place to sleep. With its sleek design, this twin loft bunk bed allows you to save floor space.

Workstation Twin Loft Bed

Image: Coaster

Fun with function, this updated style twin loft bed conveniently includes a desk with lots of space. This piece will allow your child to study in the comfort of his or her own bedroom!

Like purchasing regular beds, we have to consider a few things – like the size of the bunk bed; how your kid would want the color to be and even the brand. But with loft beds, the most basic thing you have to consider are the materials used in them and making sure that all the pieces are put together to avoid unsteady bed for you and your kids. The list we have of the 15 Functional Metal Loft Bed with Desk are most likely put together with screws, so making sure those screws are intact will assure you of the safety of whoever will be using the beds. These beds sure are not only modern looking, but they also are functional – a total package!