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15 Divine Wooden Traditional Sleigh Bed Designs

Before other sophisticated bed designs came, there is one bed type that had been here for a long time. This is the kind of bed that we usually see in classic settings but there are also modern counterparts of these beds. We are talking about sleigh beds. Well, like what the name suggests, this bed resembles a sleigh. It has an outward curving headboard and footboard. But there are also instances that only the headboard has that curvy design while the footboard is plain or has some drawers on it. Whatever style variation is added to this bed, it can never go away with the tall curved headboard that is associated with it. Traditional sleigh beds would come in different designs and are mostly made of wood. Although, there are also other sleigh beds that have metal or iron accents on them. But today, we will show you wooden sleigh...
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