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15 Contemporary Bedrooms in Earth Colors

The color of the Earth is widely used in the interior because of the warm relaxing aura it can give. It is used not just in living spaces but even in private sleeping areas. When we talk about Earth tones, it would include brown, beige and even green and blue. Well, think nature and you will get the right tones. We will be showcasing bedrooms with this color pallet but this isn’t just any bedrooms because said colors are incorporated into contemporary interiors. We come to think that contemporary style and Earth colors are married to each other because they are really a perfect combo. The wooden materials paired with the colors of nature create an atmosphere that would make sleeping and relaxing even more satisfying. So if you want to get a bedroom with this kind of aura, check out the list we have below for ideas on how...
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Get Trendy with 15 Modern Bedroom Designs

The trend of interior design these days are modern design. This kind of interior focuses on function and uses sleek lines for the furniture and other elements in it. It looks clean and has that simple look yet lends a subtle luxurious appeal and sophistication. Most of these spaces use earth tones, grays and even pastel colors. But there are also modern interiors that has bold colors in it. Today, we will give you a list of modern bedrooms. You will notice the common factors in each interior like the design of the furniture, crisp drapes, and its tidy look. A modern bedroom is always free of clutter and will merely drive the eyes to its lovely modern elements from the furniture to the lighting. You will better understand how a modern bedroom will look if you scroll down and take a glimpse of the list we have for you...
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15 Ideas for Amorous and Seductive Romantic Bedrooms

Having your own bedroom isn’t just about getting enough privacy while sleeping or taking a rest. For couples, it also means having a private time together. A romantic bedroom design could be perfect even for a date night or for an ordinary day. It has a warm inviting atmosphere creative by the lighting fixtures and other elements in it. You’d easily recognize a romantic bedroom for it has that softness in it with intricate details and some red colors too that represents romance. The design is focused on emotions expressing one’s passion and individuality. How would you love to add some romance to your own bedroom? Whether your bedroom is modern or classic, you could always get a romantic bedroom. Try adding dramatic warm lighting and even some candles. Place some exotic and bold wallpapers, get a lovely bed with intricate headboard design or even a canopy. Placing a sheer...
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15 Bright and Lively Yellow Bedrooms

Most of the time, bedrooms would come in neutral colors like white because they are safe colors and the owners will not worry about the color of the items they want to add since it will still look good in the space. But then, there are other homeowners who choose to have bedrooms with bold or bright colors to make it appear lively. Others even have multi-colored bedrooms that looks fun and exciting. If you are looking for a color that is refreshing, bright and lively, why don’t you try yellow? Yellow represents intellect and it is the color of the mind. It is optimistic and cheerful. and can even be related to the sun’s brightness. That is why yellow is a happy and bright color. When used for the bedroom, it exudes a blinding beauty but that also depends on the tone of the color that one decides to...
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15 Captivating Art Deco Bedrooms

Art Deco style emerged in the 20th century and was adapted by other countries in the 1930s. This type of interior design is an eclectic style that features some artistry and objects with sheen and shine. Most art deco spaces have highly polished wood, mirror tiles, chrome, glass, mirrored furniture and shiny fabrics. Most of the time, it use satin paired with fur. It would also have angular and geometric shapes and even decors that depict nature. What makes Art Deco captivating is that it could allow the homeowners to express themselves merely by adding variety of items that fit in the style without worrying much about its look because it could actually be eclectic. Some Art Deco items could be modern or even traditional. It depends on how you place them in the bedroom that makes it look beautiful. We have gathered some Art Deco bedrooms for you. As...
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15 Asian Bedrooms Reflecting Culture and Style

Interior spaces are not just designed based on trends or materials in it but it can also be designed based on traditions, cultures and even religious beliefs. There are spaces designed this way like Asian-inspired interiors. When you see an Asian space, it would feature wooden elements, bamboo, and anything related to nature. But aside from that, there are also sculptures that my reflect traditions and beliefs. Today, we will give you a list of Asian inspired bedrooms which also includes those with Japanese and Chinese influences. You will notice that the common element in this bedrooms are the materials used for its architecture as well as its furnishings. But there are still other key features that you might notice from the pictures that we will be showcasing below. Master Bedroom 1 Image: 3D Skaper Woven chairs with upholstery added that Asian touch to this bedroom. It looked lovelier with...
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15 Stunning Glass Wardrobe Designs

A bedroom would always have a storage space for clothing and other items that belongs to the homeowner. There are different ways to store things in the bedroom and that includes a wardrobe for the clothes or even for bags and shoes. Aside from being a storage space, wardrobes can also add beauty to a bedroom depending on how it is designed. There are wardrobes with prints on them while others are just clean and simple. Still others use varying materials like combinations of glass and wood. Today, we will show you a round-up of glass wardrobe designs. This is a perfect choice especially for small bedrooms since glass allows the light to scatter around the space. It also adds some shimmer to the bedroom making it appear a lot more elegant. Glass used for wardrobes may also vary in color like the ones you will be seeing below: Walnut...
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15 Gray Masculine Bedrooms

Men would always want their bedrooms to look good but minus the chic touches and decorations. Most bedrooms for men are gray, black, blue, white and other masculine colors but some also have some splash of colors in their rooms. Most of the time, bedrooms for men have gray shades in them- may it be a primary color in the space or just an accent. So, today, we will feature gray masculine bedrooms that would surely appeal to men. Once you scroll down to take a look at the images below, try to observe how masculine these rooms really look and how each bedroom achieved that look. Take note of the grays in the bedroom and how other colors were used to accent them. You will also observe that the furniture have sleek lines on them and would look simple unlike beds for girls and ladies which usually have intricate...
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15 Modern White Bedroom Design Ideas

White is beautiful. It signifies purity, truth, kindness, cleanliness and innocence. It is said that white is not a color but merely manifests the presence of all the colors with energy from light. It also symbolizes completeness. For some cultures, it stands for death. When used in art and design, white is a perfect choice to add a light side, add contrast and can be the best option to pair with other colors. While some people shy away from using white in the interior, others prefer to use it. Some think that all white interiors are hard to clean and would easily get dirty. But they also look very beautiful and easy to the eyes. One would feel comfortable and relaxed in a white space. So today, we have gathered modern white bedrooms where not just the walls are white but also the bed covers and other accessories. Fontana Interior...
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